Can I (ever) be full of happiness?

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Happiness, happiness, happiness everywhere;

Instead of it, I find hatred everywhere!

Whatever has happened to Happiness?

Why is she lost and all are doomed in unhappiness?

Greed, corruption, lust, you name it,

We have loads of it

In all of us. Then how can one expect happiness?

When in fact we are full of sappiness!

Alas! If everyone was sane enough,

To live and let others live at least once!

Yes, what does it take for you

To think of others at least once!

Am I asking too much?

Or am I right enough?

To expect at least this much

From all of you soon enough.

Yes, can I ever be happy?

At least for one zillionth of a second!

Will you be good enough?

To me and others and call the perennial Satan’s bluff!

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Guys and ladies, it’s been literally ages that I have tried writing poetry. Let me know your thoughts – honest ones, though! Thank you in advance.

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