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1). For a Muslim, ALMIGHTY ALLAH and His Last Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) are the foremost and most important. And everyone else including one’s parents are secondary, i.e., only after ALLAH and Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Similarly, among parents, the first three positions are occupied by one’s mother only and only then comes one’s father!

A book that I consider very close to my heart after the Holy Quran is ‘Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources’ by Martin Lings. For me, reading this book was like watching all the characters especially the chief character come alive in front of my eyes. I have always loved books all my life and have really considered them by best friends! But in no other book have I found life to come alive like it comes alive in this particular book.

I will not be exaggerating if I say that my belief in Islam, especially Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) got even more strengthened after reading this book.

2). The second book review I am posting here is one I posted for, ‘Purpose: Design a Community & Change Your Life’ by Gina Bianchini.

“This is a well-written book. I give this book a review rating of five out of five stars. In this book, the author channelizes both her inner passion and everyone’s innate passion to belong to a community. And creates a beautiful creation highlighting the importance of building a community. The reason for my giving her full marks is to encourage more such creations by other authors. In a world that is fast becoming a very distant and extremely difficult place to live in. A world that is extremely unforgiving, unwilling to forget the foibles of our fellow beings, and taking herd mentality to the extreme!

From time immemorial, the community has been the backbone of progress. I sometimes feel the entire human evolution and for that matter, the evolution of all the living beings on our beautiful earth has been dependent on the institution of the community. Under such an overarching influence, a community’s importance cannot be overemphasized. Amid the growing digitalization and of late the influence of artificial intelligence (AI), the creation of digital communities might seem like child’s play.

But the author correctly differentiates the effects of social media and professional networking websites from positive and effective changes that arise by building real communities. The author utilizes real-world examples and her own experiences in spinning an excellent narrative on finding one’s real purpose in life and coupling it with creating a community. Thus, amplifying the person’s victory and igniting the spark in thousands, lakhs, millions, and probably even billions in some rare and real cases.

We have always been told that success is amplified when shared with others. The author lists out time-tested strategies for creating a value-driven purpose and ultimately creating a big purpose. And connecting like-minded individuals in forming successful communities in their chosen paths of action. Overall, this book is a gem in inspiring societal change toward something good.”

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