Let us face it – whatever troubles you are facing currently are your handiwork! And whatever blessings you have are gifts from the Almighty. No, I am not saying this. This has been stated by the Almighty Allah in the Holy Quran. So, stop fretting and thank the Almighty for the countless and innumerable blessings from the Creator.

Agreed, nothing comes easy in life. But it is not hard too. One must strive just a wee bit to improve one’s life. And lo and behold. You are halfway through. This is because “The quantity of action necessary to effect any change in nature is the least possible, the decisive amount is always a minimum, an infinitesimal” – this is called the ‘law of least action’ and stated by Maupertius, the French Mathematician.

Simply get out and explore the world. Yes, it is hard. The whole world appears gloomy. Nothing seems to work. But if you keep on trying, you will achieve success one day. The key is to change your habits that are not working. And move over to those that work. Of course, there is no guarantee that the new ones might! But at least, one can give it a try.