Delving into the Fascinating Life of Late Ramoji Rao

Late Ramoji Rao
Delving into the Fascinating Life of Late Ramoji Rao

A small update regarding this article – I started writing this after Ramoji Rao’s demise but am publishing it now. This made me think with all the hype about AI and whatnot, I am still lagging in writing! What about you people out there? Don’t you think it is true?

Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurs possessing it have never failed to amaze me.

And the Late Ramoji Rao was no exception. He was a man who came from a humble background. And rose to dizzying heights in business through sheer hard work, and business acumen. Of course, he had that rare spark in entrepreneurs – of identifying successful business trends ahead of others. That is why the late Ramoji Rao started the Eenadu newspaper. And achieved stupendous regional success in the Telugu state of Andhra Pradesh. Besides Eenadu newspaper, the late Ramoji Rao’s businesses included the ETV network, Ushakiran movies, ETV Bharat, Margadarsi chit funds, Dolphin Group of hotels, Kalanjali shopping mall, Priya pickles, and Mayuri Film Distributors.

The late Ramoji Rao was a passionate believer in Homeopathy.

The late Ramoji Rao was an ardent supporter of Homeopathy. He and the late Dr. Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary popularized Homeopathy in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh state. The latter used to write articles on Homeopathy in the former’s newspapers and magazines. I remember Homeopathic medicine family kits sold in these newspapers and magazines for several years. Ramoji Rao had diverse interests and several successful business collaborations. He successfully combined business and politics. So much so that I heard from someone while traveling on a train. That he and a prominent right-wing politician from Andhra Pradesh supplied iron ore together to Japan!

My biggest source of information regarding the late Ramoji Rao -one of my maternal uncles!

Of course, the maternal uncle was not my mother’s brother. But he was my mother’s paternal cousin. And this uncle was one of my favorites since my childhood. He was one of the first employees of the Eenadu newspaper factory in Renigunta, Andhra Pradesh. I heard several facts from him about the late Ramoji Rao. One of the best things I heard about him was that he was a man of good character. This reminds me of the famous saying – ‘If you lose your money, you lose nothing! If you lose your health, you lose something!! But if you lose your character, you lose everything!!!’

Yes, it is true – Character is the bedrock of a person!

Also, I learned from my uncle that Ramoji Rao used to wear white clothes. And man, what an amazing memory the late Ramoji Rao had! If he used to see a person for the first time, he would sum him/her up from top to bottom. And never forget his/her name! More than memory, I feel it is the love of people. I have always considered that the ‘love for people’ is the greatest differentiating factor between an ordinary person and an extraordinary one. And of course, he never forgot the name of my uncle!

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