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Life is beautiful – Enjoy it! Be at your best behavior always and in all ways no matter what. There is just one life in this world. So, give it your best at all times. Yes, you guessed it right! I too am trying to do the same.

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I have always vouched a lot for black seeds (Nigella sativa). Besides Homeopathic medicines, I have always vociferously espoused the use of these seeds because of my utmost and unwavering belief in the words of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) that Allah has provided a cure for every disease in these black seeds except death!

Obviously, no one can cheat death! Ever PERIOD

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HomeoWealth - Your best companion for Homeopathic treatment
HomeoWealth – Your best companion for Homeopathic treatment

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Passion Life Skills Academy

In life, do whatever you want to freely but with caution – don’t break anyone’s heart, not even your own”!

Dr. Jameel Shaik

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Homeopathic Medicine and Its Practice-The ‘Grow with me naturally’ way

Poems from the heart the 'Grow with me naturally' way

Poems from the heart – The ‘Grow with me naturally’ way

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