Kadapa – A new beginning in a new city

Migration from Anantapur to Kadapa after about three years, four months

Hi everyone, I moved to Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, India from Anantapur on the 27th of April, 2024, i.e. last month. So, for now it is curtains down for Passion Life Skills Academy in Antantapur at least for now. I had stayed in Kadapa for about nine months in 2015-16. Kadapa has a dubious record of being one of the hottest places not just in India but the whole of the world! Anyway, during the first few days in this place, I felt like my brain was boiling inside my skull. Literally! Besides, I had rented my new house on the first floor, adding to the ‘heat’ woes!

Kadapa - One of the hottest places on our planet Earth!

Kadapa and its heat waves!

This tremendous heat wave continued for a few days. Until one day, sorry night, luckily the Almighty had mercy upon me and the other citizens of Kadapa. And it rained cats and dogs. And finally, the temperature fell in Kadapa bringing in much-needed respite from the heat! From that time onwards, I came back to my normal self.

Until the rain fell, it was as if I went into states of ‘suspended animation’ several times not just during the days but also the nights! Whatever activity I was doing, I had to pause for a few minutes. Guys and ladies, wish me and my family luck in this place. May the Almighty grant all of our legal wishes. And everyone lives in peace.

Kadapa = Baryte Mines

Kadapa is famous for baryte [BaSO4 (BaO 65.7% and SO3 34.3%)] mines. An important resource, the Mangampet Barytes Mines account for over 95% of India’s total baryte production and about 27% of the global total. At one time in the past (the 1970s-80s period), Kadapa was also famous for factionalism, violence, and rivalries.

Violence has decreased since the 1980’s, but factionalism remains a major problem. According to police statistics, some 8,465 people have been killed in factional violence over the last 35 years. Thus, the whole of Rayalaseema (the four erstwhile districts of Chittoor, Kadapa, Anantapur, and Kurnool) was never totally immune to these evils!

The most powerful family in Andhra Pradesh had a connection with the baryte mines. However, the late Dr. YS Rajasekhar who incidentally cut his political teeth in the baryte mines of Kadapa was greatly instrumental in transforming the sleepy little town of Kadapa into a city with wide roads and several other developmental works in the entire Kadapa district.

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