How do I find peace (rest) of my heart? Easy

Peace of heart is very essential for leading our life. And in today's age, it is all the more essential!
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Finding peace (rest) of heart

How does one really rest one’s heart or find peace of heart? Almighty ALLAH says in the Holy Quran, “Verily in the remembrance of ALLAH do hearts find rest.” So, one should always remember the Almighty sitting, standing, and lying down. One should begin everything with His holy name. The likeness of one who always remembers ALLAH is that of a living person and the one who does not remember Him is that of a dead person. Similar are the states of the houses.

Remembering Almighty even during rest

If you remember the Almighty always, you will sin less, you won’t go astray from the straight path (Siraatul Mustaqeem), and stay grounded on the solid ground of righteousness. It’s not that one does not commit sins at all.

After all, human beings are bound to sin. But the righteous ones are those who does not transgress the bounds and limits set by the Almighty, and avoid major sins. And sincerely repent after committing sins and vow with their hearts to not commit the sins again. Such people are the ones who are on the right path.

Constant self-check – Required

All this is easier said than done. One should constantly reprimand oneself and keep a check on one’s emotions, reactions to the actions/deeds of others, etc. Along with this, ‘real’ success is achieved by adhering to the principles laid down by the Almighty.

Self-contentment is necessary PERIOD

It might sound funny but the human heart is like a monkey’s. You know how monkeys behave, right? ‘Monkey see, monkey do!” That is the nature of monkeys. Similar is the state of the human heart. The human heart desires everything and anything.

Thus, self-contentment is very essential in leading a happy life. One should be satisfied with whatever the Almighty has given us. There is no harm in desiring for more. But this should never become greed. One never understands when one’s need turns into greed! And this is the major reason for the disastrous lives we are living today.

Hey, why should I care where the ‘moolah’ comes from?

Sadly, our lives have become ‘heavily’ materialistic with no heed to where the money is coming from or by what means. ‘The ends should always justify the means’. Say this and people will look as if they are looking at a mad wo/man! It’s only the end that matters for people of today. And the end is always rigged and biased in one’s favor.

Don’t be greedy, EVER!!!

Has anyone ever stopped you from earning rightfully? Earn as much as you can and want. But remember the case of the water and a boat. The water is our worldly life and the boat is our journey in our life. We should always only have that much water which is sufficient for us in our boat. Just because there is water, water everywhere, it doesn’t mean we fill our boat with all the available water. What will happen if our boat is filled with water? It will sink!

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Strangely enough, we might have gotten angry even with the Almighty as to why He is not giving us all the riches in the world. Imagine the wealth to be the water in an overhead tank. And you are using a tap to collect the water. The small diameter of the tap is just enough to supply us with the water required, right? Now, what happens if the small tap is replaced by a pipe with a huge diameter? And this pipe too has a handle to release the water just like a tap. What happens if you open the handle of the large pipe? So much water is released that the entire tank’s water is exhausted in a jiffy.

He knows what’s best for you

Always remember the Almighty knows what is best for everyone, trust me! He will provide everything in the right quantity and at the right moment. So, sit back, and enjoy all the little moments in your life. Don’t ever give up, lose hope, or feel depressed. EVER PERIOD

“Seek help in patience and prayer”, says the Almighty in the Holy Quran. Life might have its ups and downs but it is just a sine wave – there are crests and troughs and that’s how it goes on. This life’s test might appear too tough at times but if one holds on, one will definitely taste success. Not just in this world bound to end one day but in the hereafter.

Every second of your life counts

Do not lose track of your life even for a moment. Practice this to perfection. You will never be unhappy. Or give unhappiness to others. Your external actions should always reflect your inner state. Otherwise, we will become hypocrites!

The secret to a good life is by making every second of your life count by living it the way your Almighty desires. Smile. Bring cheer to someone else’s lives too. Take baby steps. You might falter every now and then. But ultimately, you will win. And you will have the last laugh. Over the ubiquitous Satan. Is there any life better than that of defeating the outcast? Tell me. No, that is the best life that defeats Satan.

Satan lurks everywhere

It’s absolutely unto us whether we fall in his trap or not. Many a times, Satan uses fellow human-beings to instigate us. And sometimes, he uses our closest ones – family members, friends, and sometimes strangers. But it’s ultimately up to us how we react to his handiwork? Defeat him at his own game. He will get weak one day and run off clutching his tail in between his legs.

One should never let Satan sow enmity in between us by trapping us. And this is possible only by constantly remembering the Almighty, reading His holy books. Good guidance is always open to us. Even our souls easily differentiate between good and bad. It’s only that we don’t pay heed or don’t want to pay heed.

Good is from ALLAH and bad is from you only

ALLAH says in the Holy Quran that whatever good we get is from Him and whatever bad befalls us is from our own hands. If we really understand this, we will never come near any evil at all. We should be afraid of the Almighty as He is constantly watching over us. All of our deeds are recorded and these are reckoned on the day of judgement. If the good deeds outweigh the bad ones, we are safe. However, we are doomed if the opposite is true.

Hence, one should try to always be our best, give our best to others, and accumulate as many good deeds as possible. After all, this is the one and only life we have got in our hands, right? Remember this golden truth. What goes around comes around with more vigor. Karma is always out to get you. And it gives everything back right here in this world. But this is not it. One has to face the Almighty on the Judgement Day.

A day on which nothing counts except the good deeds done by us. We will all be standing naked but we don’t even realize that. And drowned in sweat until our necks. Mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, friend – none of these relationships are recognizable on that day. The only thing we are worried whether our ‘Deed-book’ will be heavy enough to please the Almighty.

We are safe if we use our right hand in taking the ‘Deed-book’. If we take it with our left hand, then we are doomed to hell-fire. And a life of eternal shame and loss. Let us make a vow to do good and be eligible to the eternal life of bliss and enjoyment in paradise. Hope we all meet in heaven. And not hell. Ever!

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