Cursing/Swearing/Uttering Bad Words – What are the reasons?

Bad Words and the myriad reasons behind them

Everyone gets anger and utters bad words

Anger is a natural emotion but the accompanying ‘verbal’ barrage of bad words accompanying it is the topic first up for discussion. There are certain professions that I won’t name but nearly all of those that thrive in the bazaar/market are culprits to a certain extent! The persons in these professions may have a slightly ‘acerbic’ tongue. I am using the word ‘may’ because there are exceptions everywhere in this world. When the ALMIGHTY has not created all the fingers in a hand equal, how can we expect people to be the same? Besides, variety is the spice of life, right?

But trust me, even the most ‘normal’ looking persons might sometimes curse/swear/bad words. For example, when they are hurt by someone, or have been cheated/deceived by someone. The intensity of the anger is directly proportional to how close the person is to the one who has been hurt/deceived and the degree of cheating/deceiving involved.

Bad words are ubiquitous!

It’s as if bad words are hanging around in the air everywhere around us. We are exposed to these words right from our childhood. Of course, this might also depend on the economic status of the person, the neighborhood, the upbringing of the person, and several other factors. It might also depend upon the current state the person is in. This applies to both the utterer of bad words and the one at the receiving end. Meaning to say, whether the persons involved are employed, unemployed (out of a job due to a lay-off, recession, etc.), marital state (single/unmarried, married, divorced, etc.), and other such states of life.

Loneliness – a leading cause of anger?

All of you might have heard of this – that one is the average of the five people one surrounds himself/herself with! Fine, but in today’s age, probably even five people is a rarity. What with, loneliness being dominant in so many people’s lives! And is loneliness one of the main reasons people get angry? Probably so, because human beings by default are social animals. They crave companionship, a sense of belonging, etc. How will one derive all these when the whole set-up for the human race is progressing toward loneliness? It’s all about me, me, and only me! In such a situation, there is no room for a second person at all in people’s lives.

People’s mentalities are increasingly becoming extremely narrow-minded and wildly narcissistic. The tendency towards narcissism is fueled by the indiscriminate usage of smartphones, the internet, TV, and social media. The last factor is probably the greatest reason for the change in the mentalities of people in today’s age.

All the above-mentioned factors are throwing people’s lives into abysses of loneliness, depression, and in extreme cases leading to unpardonable/unforgivable sins like suicide. Despite so many groups, apps, and whatnot being present to alleviate anger, depression, and suicide, the problem doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of decline or lessening.

Knowing people’s state of mind by their words

By the way, can we know about the people’s state by using words (bad ones in particular) in an area? I think so. I think some of the most commonly used bad words throughout the world are probably ‘b!@#$%^d’, son of a ——-, etc. I am not aware of any area in the world that is immune from the usage of such words! Also, in highly commercial areas, reference is made to the oldest profession on this earth while using bad words. What does this say about us, our mentalities? This speaks volumes about us and our mentalities. Honestly, we have to grow a lot in the true sense!

Anger is from Satan

According to Islam, anger is from Satan. ALLAH created Satan from fire. So, when one is angry, one is supposed to make Wudhu (ritual ablution/cleaning) since water extinguishes fire. Before doing that, if a person is angry and is standing s/he should sit. If the anger is still not controlled, s/he should lie down. The increased blood circulation to the brain on lying down calms it down. Remember, the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said, “The strong is not the one who exhibits anger but the one who can control the anger”. There are numerous verses in the Holy Quran that exhort human beings to be forgiving in nature and be good.

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