Trustability is the (most) important

Trustability is the MOST IMPORTANT factor in virtually anything not just in this world but the entire universe!
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Trust – The numero uno factor in virtually everything

Trustability is THE MOST important factor when we deal with others, in growing businesses, in getting leads, etc. Without this, there is nothing! Even for hiring, the new generation does not want to deal with anyone unless they see her/him. Human beings have become narrow-minded, extremely careful (to the point of paranoia!), and deeply distrustful of each other! All these are signs of the Judgement Day for sure.

How does one increase one’s trustability in this world?

  • Be consistent in your behavior and everything else you do.
  • Strive for a better you every single day.
  • Remember, people will forget a lifetime of good you have done based on just one mistake.
  • Yes, people do have a short memory but it still pays to be careful enough not to commit any mistakes at all in the first place.
  • Don’t be a hypocrite – be the same everywhere and always. This might sound the same as the first factor but they are different.
  • Don’t sin at any cost PERIOD I know this is virtually impossible. As human beings, we tend to constantly sin. But sincere repentance and an iron resolve to not commit the sins are a definite must!
  • Be good with your immediate family first, then your neighbors, your locality, your city, your country, and your world. In short, be good to all.
  • Be careful with what you post on social media. This is so very true in today’s age. Where we are always on social media. Remember that everything you do on social media or for that matter even outside has a permanent record. If not the worldly processes, then do remember that the heavenly beings are definitely recording your every move in this world. Forget about your moves, even your thoughts are monitored for sure by the heavenly beings.
  • Try to be the ideal role-model for everyone especially your own kids and any other kids. Remember kids don’t pay as much attention to your words as they are paying to your actions. And as you know, actions speak louder than words!
  • Last but not the least, if you are not able to do any good, at least refrain from doing bad/harm, etc. Do not malign anyone unnecessarily. And do not talk about anyone behind their backs.
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