Amazing, Easy Life Hacks To Help Improve (Your) Life

Amazingly Easy Life Hacks To Help Improve (Your) Life

Many of you might already be aware of the life hacks mentioned below. If so, these will just reiterate your knowledge about them. If not, I will be glad I have helped someone lead a better life!

1. Always sit and wear your clothes

This will help you prevent falls. Especially if you stand and wear them or wear them without support1. It also decreases the effect of gravity on the person wearing clothes. The same logic applies to a person urinating. I hope you get my point. Sitting and urinating and washing the private parts help in the maintenance of hygiene. This also decreases problems like urinary incontinence, paralysis of the urinary bladder, etc.

2. Wash your hands before and after meals

Washing one’s hands (obviously with water) before and after meals besides maintaining hygiene also helps in the alleviation of poverty2. There will be barakah (blessing) in the food that one eats after washing. Water, water, water – Thou are so important, what shalt I do without you???

3. Gargle with water before and after eating

Gargling with water before and after eating food. It is also a good idea to wash any plates, spoons, forks, or anything else you use for eating food with water before utilizing them.

4. Use a cloth to clean your teeth

Flossing is good but have you ever tried this hack? Using a soft cotton cloth pieces to remove food pieces, especially the leftovers after eating food (vegetarian, meat, etc.)

5. Use a Miswak for dental hygiene

Using a miswak (miswaak, siwak, sewak – Scientific name – Salvadora persica) for cleaning and brushing the teeth after eating has several benefits like strengthening gums, preventing tooth caries and decay, and eliminating toothaches. Not only that, it is said to halt further tooth decay that has already set in. Also, it creates a fragrance in the oral cavity, eliminates bad breath, improves the sensitivity of the tastebuds of the tongue (yes, it can be used to even clean the tongue!), and promote cleaner teeth3.

6. Wash up after nature’s call

Western people mostly use paper napkins to wipe after passing stool. And Asian people (the vast majority of people from South Asia especially) use water to wash after attending nature’s call. Why not combine both methods? First, clean oneself with wet wipes and then wash thoroughly with water using a bidet pipe (if available). This is what is followed by the vast majority of Muslims living in the Western world and probably even a few others!

7. Early to bed and early to rise is not cliche

Get up early in the morning, yes, nearly as early as 3.30-4 am, and get up at the same time every day, no matter what time you sleep in the night. Of course, it is imminent and pertinent to sleep early to get up early in the morning. You won’t believe how much you can accomplish if you become an early riser. Beating the sunrise has immense benefits in one’s life, trust me!

8. Love all and hate none

Love everyone and hate no one, forgive others easily, and give more than you take from others – I know all this sounds cliché but trust me these are the things that endear you to people and also the ALMIGHTY!

9. Every second of life is precious

No matter what you are going through in life, don’t waste even a single minute of your life. Of course, some relaxation is necessary for one’s life but beyond that, one should be always doing something productive in your life. There are so many avenues for doing this in today’s world – content creation (writing, video making, podcast creation, etc.), creating online courses, publishing books, etc. The sky is the limit. You just have to be consistent in creating value for others. Money, fame, and everything else will automatically follow.

10. Earning that moolah

About earning money online, I know it is very, very, very difficult to even gain a small foothold! But if you keep on trying consistently, you will certainly achieve success one day. I know most of the online jobs or avenues of earning money are such that they require a huge input with only a minimal output.

Whereas, as human beings, we crave the exact opposite! But you have to keep on trying and never give up trying new ways to earn money. You will come across at least one platform and more later that will match your expectations. Best of luck and happy living to you all. May ALMIGHTY show me the best and straight path to success and do the same for all of you out there too. Aameen.


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