Corporate Shenanigans – How much longer (and) how to avoid them?

Corporate ‘Shenanigans’ – Until how long???

Businesses are wonders, although they come bundled with corporate shenanigans!

Any business built from scratch. And turned into a behemoth is a real marvel in itself. It’s amazing how dogged and tenacious human minds tend to focus. And achieve such great things. But then, a question arises. Did we ever think of the costs involved in creating these? By cost, I am not just talking about the financial aspect.

But also the ‘emotional’ aspects. Especially those associated with the heart and the mind! Not just of the founder/s of the business. But also the employees associated with it. Let me elaborate. The ideals associated with the founder/s go on to form and are embedded in the ‘DNA’ of the business. Usually staying long after the founder/s are gone. And leave behind their corporate shenanigans too!

Stay humble & nimble, always and avoid corporate shenanigans

Yes, agreed that every business out there is out to make money. But it’s not just about the money, right? Most business founder/s have a strong passion. And a burning desire to change something. It is a delicate trade-off between these two factors that creates the ultimate roadmap for the future of the corporate. It is as if the corporate business and its founders are alter egos of each other!

What happens after the corporate achieves considerable steam is that it will start flexing its muscles. And try growing bigger and bigger. Financially and in so many other ways. The market capitalization of the company keeps on increasing. And the founders, depending on their mentality, tend to splurge. On whatever they had only been dreaming of in their wildest dreams. Sane founders whose feet are firmly grounded in reality are different. They tend to spend on the really necessary, valuable things in life.

I believe that no matter what heights a corporate firm reaches, the founders should always stay humble. And remain rooted in reality and practicality. In today’s world, within seconds, a company can go kaput! It is always pertinent to take bold decisions to stay relevant in the market. For example, bringing in professional management expertise when required.

Even family-run businesses should consider professional management

Yes, even if the companies are family-run. Take, for example, the Indian Ayurvedic company, Dabur. It went in for professional management of the company and has achieved good results. It takes guts to act and do this. In reality, most of us, are ‘control’ freaks. We can never let go of the ‘control’ button at all. The same applies to businesses, institutions, non-government organizations (NGOs), etc.

Trust professionalism

Trusting others after a good background check (if required), giving proper responsibility. And allowing the freedom to act and grow will do wonders for employees. We have to remember that money is not everything in life. It is required, yes, up to an extent for living decently, etc. But there is something called job satisfaction.

You might give the best comfort to the employees but most of the time, these are like the ‘proverbial’ golden cages from where there is no escape! One should never forget to put oneself in the employee’s shoes. And see first-hand what the employee is feeling in his/her workplace. Whether the employee is getting the required prospects for career growth, etc. Then, this will be a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee!

No prejudice or bias, ever

But alas, we are eternal slaves of perennial biases and prejudices. These always rule the human psyche! It is as if we tune the frequencies of our hearts and minds. And change them according to our needs. One needs to be unbiased and unprejudiced, no matter what PERIOD This is difficult to say and easier said than done, what with the myriad mood swings we undergo in today’s modern world. What I am trying to say is that the founders/CEOs of start-ups/companies are human beings too. And are subject to the same emotions all normal mortals are subjected to!

However, to succeed as a founder/CEO, one needs to maintain a consistent emotional balance at all times and under all circumstances. Generally, in the initial stages, founders/CEOs are very open to feedback, calls, etc. They are all ears to the ground. As time progresses, and success starts favoring them, they start building boundaries. Except for GOD ALMIGHTY, no one else should ever build any boundaries whatsoever.

I know as time progresses, the number of feed backs, and calls might get too large to be taken care of individually. But whoever is looking after these should try conveying nearly all the information first-hand to the founders/CEOs in at least a succinct form. Long story short, staying grounded to earth makes one humble, hungry, and thirsty for more success. And helps spur the growth of others who want to make an impact.

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