Wo/man is such an (ungrateful) animal? Change required immediately!

Wo/man, Conserve Water And All Other Natural Resources!
The buck starts with me and you!

Wo/man is such an (ungrateful) animal!

S/he cannot bear either too much of water

Or too little of it!

Yes, I am talking about floods and droughts!

What has come over us?

We build buildings with impunity

And pride ourselves in needless opulence

When we cannot conserve even basic water!

Just look at Bengaluru

Or any other major city

Not just in India

But the entire world!

It is a case of either too much

Or too little!

Whether it be money, water,

Or for that matter anything else!

Why do we wait until things get to a boil?

Don’t we have at least that much common sense that

Water is the most essential and precious resource

Without which we or our future generations cannot survive!

Land sharks have become ubiquitous

They don’t bother whether the land is on a grave-yard

Or a lake or a public property or even private land

All that matters is any land that can be encroached upon and build!

You ungrateful animals, keep on doing this

Until one day even water too will be measured like gold when sold

Not in liters but in milliliters

And who knows probably even in micro liters!

Put a stop to your greediness, you ungrateful animals

And that includes even yours truly!

For I too have been created weak

Like the rest of you!

This Ramadan, let us make a fresh beginning

And a vow to limit all our needs!

Be grateful to the Almighty

For even the air we breathe for free!

Just imagine if the Almighty decides to

Impose a tax on the air we breathe

And collect the toll from every person

Who gains an entry and exits this world?

Trust me, it is not difficult for Him!

For He is the One who gave us life

And He is the One who has the power to take it away

So do not mess with your fellow-beings and anyone/anything else!

Act now before it is too late

And buckle up tight

And start doing something good

However small it might be in your lives!

It can be as simple as

Not wasting enormous water just to wash these

Useless bodies of yours and mine!

Useless because one day you and I all will be dust!

Instead, make yourself invaluable

By doing good deeds and helping others

And wiping the tears of your fellow beings

By cheering them up at least a bit!

And no, if you are unable to do good deeds,

Can’t blame you because humanity is nearly dead in all of us!

At least don’t commit any sin

Or do any wrong to your fellow beings!

I know saying is easier said than done

But at least you can give it a try!

Just be aware that the One up above there

Is watching every deed of yours and monitoring your every thought!

So, do no evil, see no evil, and listen to no evil!

Start doing things at least in a small way

And build your stature in goodness

And say goodbye forever to evil!


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