Happiness – the ever-deceiving damsel (one-sided love)?

Happiness – the ever-deceiving damsel!

Happiness – where art thou?

Everyone chases you but you are lost somewhere!

Oh, how everyone wishes they are happy

But instead, most of them tend to become tipsy!

Why does everyone run after you?

When they know fully well that you are nearly unachievable!

Except for those who are self-content,

Content with what they have.

True happiness consists in helping others

Achieve their goals, and alleviate their difficulties.

Tell me, have you ever given a thought

To wipe even a single tear from the eyes of your fellow being?

Agreed that happiness is a one-way love affair

But to be truly happy is not exactly unachievable!

If one takes care not to hurt oneself first and others too,

Happiness becomes achievable.

Cleanse your heart with reflections, pondering

At least occasionally.

Lest your heart becomes hardened

As a stone sadly!

Remember charity is one of the biggest ways

To achieve piety and wipe off one’s sins.

And as Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said,

“Even a smile towards your brother is a charity!”

Happy is the one who despite having very little

Complains not to the Almighty!

Instead thanks Him profusely and sincerely,

Who in turn blesses him abundantly.

Let me share a secret with you.

The happiest is the one who knows fully well

That s/he knows and owns absolutely nothing.

And everything is known and owned only by the Almighty!

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