Life – Enough Of Your Silly Games With Me!

Life – Are you playing games with me?

Life – you lively vixen who is sometimes joyful and sometimes sad!

Why do you sometimes change colors faster than a chameleon?

And are sometimes so slow it seems ages!

All I want is to live in the moment and slowly disappear into the ages.

Like everyone else who has existed on this earth

Starting from Adam and Eve and countless others

Who strolled upon this earth sometimes humbly and sometimes proudly

But in the end became dust from which all of us were initially created.

Life – you think you can bend me and destroy me?

Think again and again and again!

For I am not like others who have strolled on this earth.

Because I am fully aware that you are just a test for me!

Come what may, I will not budge from the straight and correct path

Yes, I may falter here and there for I too have been created weak like all others.

But I am a hardened being who is ready for anything

You throw at me, come on, you want to try even more?

Come on, try and see what all you have to throw at me.

I am ready to take all the shit you have

Hidden in your innermost belly!

Come on, I know you are not such a bully!

Whatever may happen, I will always love you

For it is through you that the ALMIGHTY

Is seen, felt, and remembered

Until the end of this world and universe!

My only request to you is to be a little milder

With the people who have less of a heart

Who do not know the true meaning of life

Which is to love all without expecting anything in return!

Many people are afraid of poverty and this makes them

Do things that they cannot even imagine doing even in their dreams!

Forgetting that poverty here on this earth is better than

The poverty they will face in the afterlife!

So, my dear people, lose a bit of money, lose a few friends

But stay strong in your path of truth

Come what may and die a life

Worthy of emulation by others!

Making the job of even the angel of death easier

Who I know is not affected by any emotion!

But even he might probably be overcome by emotion

And salute your life with the utmost respect!

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