How does one get rid of bad habits?

How does one get rid of bad habits?

Are you always worried about your bad habits?

Do you think about your bad habits – whether they are genetic/inherited, if they are a sin/bad, if they are about drugs? Or do you worry if your bad habits can be broken, cause depression, increase your weight, and make you swear? If so, you are in good company. Because probably no one in this world including yours truly is immune from bad habits! Only the ALMIGHTY is the cleanest, most pure, and has no sins. Why? Because HE is like that. You call HIM by any name, HIS names and attributes are the most beautiful. There is just none like HIM! EVER PERIOD

How are bad habits formed?

How do they affect your life, health, and other associated aspects? Look, our parents were not foolish. Do you remember how they used to be very careful about whom we choose as our friends in our childhood? Because they knew that our immature and young minds, brains, and hearts were like wet and soft clay. Now, you know that the kind of clay I am talking about can be used to mold into any shape we want.

Ditto for the hearts of children. One has to be careful about whom one chooses as our friend. Of course, during our childhood, we are immature, we mostly follow our hearts rather than our brains/minds. But as we grow older, we tend to become more mature and careful. However, the damage would have been done for the most part by the time we realize it.

It is not just about friends!

It is also about what we read – are we reading good books? Or bad ones? Which tempt us into committing self-abuse and fill our brains with impure thoughts, ideas, etc. Also, what we hear, see, and speak, right? Remember the three famous monkeys of Late Mahatma Gandhi? ‘Speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil’ was the mantra of these three monkeys.

And this pretty much applies to all our actions, especially in today’s world of social media which has permeated every aspect of our life! Some people are keeping their entire lives (including their sexual ones) live on social media. Which is so bad and horrendous, to say the least! One needs to stop all bad habits.

‘Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil!’

Do not fear poverty!

I mean, how low will people stoop to earn money? Honestly, this world, nay this universe, is truly going to the dogs! Speaking of which, the Holy Quran offers a beautiful insight into the ‘poverty’ aspect. ALMIGHTY ALLAH says in the Holy Quran in Chapter 2 [Surah Al-Baqarah (The Cow)] more or less that Shaitan (Satan) threatens human beings with poverty, be niggardly (miserly) and orders them to immorality, i.e., commit Fahsha (evil deeds, illegal sexual intercourse, sins, etc.), while ALLAH promises them forgiveness from HIM and bounty. And HE is munificent, all-encompassing, and all-knowing and HE is all-sufficient for all HIS creatures’ needs!

Stay away from alcohol, gambling, and all other sins

This pretty much sums up the entire vortex of sins and indecencies human beings commit. You remember the famous phrase, ‘wine, woman, and money (wealth)’, right? In Islam, alcohol and gambling are forbidden. Regarding both, the Holy Quran states that there are some benefits and harm in them. But the harm outweighs the good. Now tell me, which sane human being will indulge in them after reading this?

A righteous woman is truly a blessing in disguise. She will make your life happy and your home a beautiful place to live. But both righteous men and women are fast becoming a rarity. They just don’t make more of them anymore! But hope lies eternal in the human breast. Be good and do good and you will receive only good things in your life. As simple as that. Karma and Newton’s third law of motion really make a heady combination, right? I hope you got my point.

Some other things stated about alcohol in the Holy Quran are that it makes a man a monkey and it makes them commit indecencies. And a Hadith [saying of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)] states that alcohol is the mother of all evils! I hope you will be wise enough not to commit any sins or indecencies after reading all the above facts. Happy virtuous living to you.

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