Easy ways to earn sawaab (piety)

Earn Sawaab (piety) all the time

              As a Muslim, there are several easy ways to earn sawaab. Let us not miss any of these opportunities! The first thing we should always remember is to be good to all, both human beings and all the other living creatures existing in this world. Another thing I always stress is not breaking anyone’s heart, including your own, and being kind to all the ones mentioned in the first part of this sentence.

Ten easy ways to earn Sawaab (piety)

  1. It seems there are more than seventy branches of faith. The highest is to bear witness that there is no God but ALLAH and Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of ALLAH (La ilaaha illallahu Mohammedur Rasulullah). The least is to remove any item which is harmful to anyone on the road.
  2. Whoever prays the Fazar (pre-dawn) and Ishaan (night) prayers in jamaat (congregation), it is as if he has been in the ibaadat (prayer) of ALLAH the whole 24 hours of a day.
  3. Do not tell lies and do not cheat anyone.
  4. Never miss an opportunity to pray 2 rakaats of janaazah (funeral) Namaaz (prayer) and do not forget to follow the janaazah and stay in the graveyard until the corpse is buried. For these two simple tasks, one can get the sawaab of reading two Qurans, one for each activity mentioned.
  5. If you have a girl child, bringing up her in the righteous way (showing her the correct way to live – Siraatul Mustaqeem) and getting her married to a righteous and virtuous Muslim will lead the parents to heaven. This does not mean that we do not raise righteous boys. But a girl is very important as a whole generation arises from her! Hence, the greater emphasis and sawaab upon her raising her righteously!
  6. Do not indulge in backbiting your Muslim brothers and sisters or for that matter anyone else!
  7. Do not come near adultery. Adultery can be of the eyes, hands, legs, etc. Stay away from any sort of adultery.
  8. Live a healthy life the Islamic way.
  9. Stay away from alcohol and gambling. Even though ALLAH has stated that there are both some good and bad in these, HE states that the bad outweighs the good. So, any sane person will be in the ‘safe’ zone if s/he stays away from these!
  10. Having sex with your wife is a sadaqah (righteousness). Pure and halal sex is a major necessity in today’s world. And consume and do everything halal. Stay away from anything which is haram.
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