Emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Content Writing – Good, Bad, and Ugly!

Content creation, especially content writing has become easier with AI

Is it so? Or has it become more difficult? Honestly, there are no clear answers. On top of it, AI might seem very rosy and whatnot! But the reality is that the easier things become, the more competitive they turn out to be. Let me explain. The emergence of Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT) and its likes might create bundles of joy in the minds of many writers. But the reality is far from the truth.

What/how one asks, so one gets/creates?

What I am trying to say is that AI platforms can answer your questions the way you ask them. The more intelligent the question asker is, the more intelligent the answer you can expect from an AI platform like ChatGPT. And vice-versa.

Ok, what does all this AI have to do with content creation?

Yes, yes, I am coming there. Content creation might suddenly appear very easy to create. What with all the AI tools emerging by the day or shall I say by the hour! It suddenly seems like a Content AI boom. And a boom of writers too. Hmm, what shall I call them – AI writers?

The thing is AI creates a lot of problems, especially with content creation. And in particular with writing. There are 8 billion plus people in this world. And the titles of two content articles will rarely turn out to be the same. And the content too. This might be true of general topics or topics that the content writers themselves create.

However, the same cannot be said of content creation in hot and happening sectors. Consider healthcare. There are millions of companies throughout the world. In the huge ‘galaxies’ of the information world out there, most companies are vying with each other for customers, i.e., patients. When a healthcare content writer sets out to write an article, say for example on weight control using Homeopathic medicines. There is every chance that there will be dozens of other writers writing on the same topic.

And when articles are written on the same topic, what if the AI writing tool generates the same content for another writer? There might be subtle differences in the content based on the content writer’s input. But there are high chances of similarity between the content of the articles.

So, what is the solution to this?

A simple solution to this might be the creation of a centralized database for all AI-based content-writing creation tools. The emerging Web3 should be able to help. And obviously, these tools should be able to communicate with each other using tokens. Say for example using blockchain technology or any other tool. I am not a hard-core tech guy but still trying hard to at least think of solutions to problems. And I am a technophile. Have been one throughout my life.

Ok, coming to the database for the content-writing creation tools. What would be the advantages of this?

Advantages of Database for Content-writing Creation tools

  • It can help plug plagiarism to a great extent. Like nipping it in the bud! Once an article is written on a particular topic and an AI tool helps create it, a simple ID can be assigned using blockchain technology. This ID can be associated with the particular content creator/writer who wrote the article.
  • This brings us to another important idea. Why not have a unique blockchain token-based digital identity for every person present on this earth? A certain date can be picked up as the cut-off date for the start of this program. And whoever was born on this date or later should be included in this program. Agreed, it is a mammoth and gargantuan task. But then what use is technology? If it cannot be put to good use? Of course, nations can retain their digital IDs. But these can be interconnected with the blockchain digital identities I am proposing.
  • The advantages accruing from this would be enormous. They will help prevent identity thefts, data privacy, etc. And in the long run, prevent heinous crimes like human trafficking, child labor, etc.

I am sorry for writing after a long time but the sooner, the better, right? Maybe, I should be using AI. What say? Do let me know your thoughts on this. Until then, ciao!

Hey, and also please suggest more ideas on which I can write. And be of use to you. At least to some extent!

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