Salaam – The Greatest Ice-breaker (Ever) PERIOD



One of the greatest gifts from ALLAH Subahanahu Ta’aala is ‘Salaam’. A Hadith [saying of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)] states – “You shall not enter Paradise until you believe, and you have not believed until you love one another. Shall I tell you of something you can do to make you love one another? Spread the greetings of Salam (peace) amongst yourselves (i.e. between each other).”

Get rid of both egoism and egotism

In today’s world, everyone carries with him/her the double-edged sword of egoism and egotism. As such, it is very difficult to get rid of it. So difficult that it would literally take probably ages to get rid of these annoying monkeys from our shoulders!

But the person who does Salaam first gets more reward. So, obviously one has to be at the forefront to offer it. This will help dispel any seeds of Satan in the hearts of people. And contrary to popular opinion, Salaam is never a sign of subordination. Instead, it is the best tool to increase peace and love among each other.

Islam teaches us to be good to everyone. Also, one should love one’s country. And success is achieved by respecting and following the rules of the country one lives in. This is the essence of true Islamic living. We should never break anyone’s heart unnecessarily, ever!

“Salaam” is a traditional Arabic greeting that means “peace” and is often used as a way of expressing goodwill and respect.

Here are a few ways in which Salaam can be promoted:

Educate people about the cultural and religious significance of the salaam. This can help them understand its importance and significance. Encourage people to use salaam as a way of greeting others in daily interactions, regardless of their background or religion. Encourage people to interact positively with others. And use salaam as a way of expressing respect and goodwill.

Avoiding negative portrayals

Encourage positive representation of salaam in media. Avoid perpetuating stereotypes or negative portrayals. Encourage people to build strong, inclusive communities that promote respect, understanding, and mutual support. In these communities, salaam can be used as a way of expressing these values. Encourage leaders in government, business, and community organizations to promote the use of salaam as a way of expressing respect and goodwill.

Encourage the use of salaam in cross-cultural events and gatherings as a way of promoting understanding and respect between different cultures and religions. It’s important to keep in mind that promoting salaam as a way of expressing respect and goodwill is not limited to any particular culture or religion, and can be embraced by people of all backgrounds as a universal symbol of peace and goodwill.” – ChatGPT-generated response – accessed 01/22/2022

So, as you can see, even ChatGPT has a very good opinion about Salaam! However, there are certain rules regarding Salaam. Like, a single person doing salaam first to a group of persons. A person who is standing doing it to a person who is sitting. A person who is driving or mounted on a horse, bike, etc. doing it to a person who is sitting or walking. A smaller group of persons should greet a larger group of persons.

No caring for strangers today

The current situation however is very bad. People from one sect of Islam do not greet people from another sect. And with strangers, ALMIGHTY save them! People do not bother to even look at a stranger. Although, one should never hesitate helping even a stranger in distress. And Salaam is one of the best tools to achieve this.

Salaam increases love and brotherhood among people. Some more meanings of Salaam are harmlessness, safety and protection from evil, and from faults. Salaam instills humility and a sense of belonging among people. So, spread Salaam more. And increase the love and bonding among each other. You will create a more welcoming environment and a sense of belonging not just among strangers. But also your own family members.

We might consider greeting to be a small thing but it has enormous value and a lasting impact. Greeting others is an important aspect of human connections and bonding. And you have nothing to loose by greeting others. On the other hand, you have several things to gain by greeting.

Islam – The Hallmark of Equality

Finally, Islam teaches us to be courteous to all regardless of their religion, race, or color. This is very important especially in today’s age of Islamophobia. It will create a positive image of Islam. And dispel the wrong and erroneous notions surrounding Muslims and Islam. One should make an effort to greet one’s neighbors, co-workers. This will only increase one’s stature and respect in the hearts of everyone.

A cheerful attitude will go a long way in achieving success both in this world as well as the hereafter. As Muslims, we are concerned more about the hereafter. This does not mean that we neglect this world. Salaam softens our hearts as well as the ones of whom we come across in our daily lives. Hence, one should make a sincere effort in spreading good cheer by greetings. And Salaam is the best way to achieve this. A cheerful heart resides in a healthy body. Do achieve good health and a good life.

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