Human attitude – ‘Immutable’ or can it evolve for the better?

Human attitude – ‘Immutable’ or can it evolve for the better?

Let us face it – Attitude is the prime differentiating factor between success and failure in life!

Life throws many challenges and puts one in different situations. But the person who bears them all is the successful one. Although many factors determine success in life, the one thing that towers above everything is attitude. So, is attitude an in-built immutable quality, or can it evolve for the better?

Always be positive no matter what!

We often come across people with different kinds of attitudes in our lives. But just like the entire world being divided into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots,’ the yardstick for attitude too is simple. It is about a person having a positive attitude. Or a negative one. Whether you see the glass half full. Or half empty. Finding opportunities in the bleakest situations separates the extraordinary from the ordinary!

It always pays to have gratitude.

No matter what, if one has gratitude, s/he will be able to surmount all kinds of even difficult mountain-like enormous situations in life. How does one develop it? It is by keeping the mind clutter-free and free of any sort of tension. Whether one believes in the Almighty or not, there is an enormous superpower out there guiding us in all situations. Having faith and hope in the Almighty is like having the biggest weapons of success!

Our attitude is a sum result of several factors.

Several factors help in developing the attitude of a person. But the biggest influences are the person’s parents, other family members, relatives (both close and distant), friends, and ultimately the society in which the person lives. One’s upbringing beginning from childhood is very important in shaping a person’s attitude. A child’s brain is like wet putty or clay. It can be molded into whatever way one desires.

Hence children must be exposed to the correct things and people. With social media dominating the entire world today, you can find even young kids getting addicted to smartphones. Many children do not eat unless they are watching their favorite videos on YouTube! It appears as if the kids know everything about smartphones, TVs, etc. right from their mother’s wombs!

As kids grow up and reach adolescence, their friends start playing a very important role. Parents should be keeping a close watch on whom the kids are interacting with both online and offline. I am emphasizing this because kids these days tend to spend a lot of time online! While all the above-stated factors play a great role in shaping one’s attitude and appear as if it is set for life, there is a chance to improve for the better even during adulthood.

What we do when we grow up influences our attitude.

Whether you work for someone else or start your own business also definitely plays a role in your behavioral evolution as you progress into adulthood. There is no better time than the present to start something on your own! This is what we have been hearing a lot of late. But entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea/coffee! You are the boss. You decide for yourself what is best for you.

And do not blame anyone for anything in your life. Whether you succeed or fail in life does not matter at all! What matters is whether you have sincerely tried to achieve whatever you have sought. Saying all these things is easy. But walking the talk is very difficult! However, no matter what, if you keep your chin high and maintain a positive attitude, you have nearly won the entire battle! Keep going and moving. Never stand still in your life meaning do not remain dormant. Plan well and success is yours.

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