How to save money in your home?

How to save money in your home?

The best treasure = A good wife

Do not get me wrong, but a good and content wife is the greatest treasure a man can have! Tell me whether you agree to this or not. Hence, marriage is considered the completion of half of the Deen (Islam/Islamic faith) in Islam. A good wife is supposed to guard the property and children of the husband in his absence. Now, I am not being misogynistic here. But Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) used to help his wives as much as possible when he was at home. And who is a better role model than the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) for Muslims? How to save money can be best learnt from him.

My younger brother’s advice

My only younger brother told me this long back, but I have yet to heed his advice! He had asked me to track all my monthly household expenses to save money, of course. I remember him even sending an Excel sheet. I am not a prodigal first son or a profligate person, but I am not the one who keeps track of his spending! Of course, I hate any kind of wastage by me or anyone else! I just cannot see it. But I am requesting all of you to keep track of your expenses and that of your family. Especially so if you are the sole earner of your family.

JIT not just for operations managment!

Just-in-time (JIT) management need not be just for a company or factory! It can be adapted even to your home. What with online buying becoming so easy with just a few clicks on your smartphone or any phone for that matter! And if one goes to a shop or mall, GOD ALMIGHTY save your purse and your family from splurging money on items.

So, what can you do to prevent overspending both on the phone or outside in shops/malls? Explain to your family that any business out there exists to make money! For this, businesses typically try to promote offers virtually throughout the year 24x7x365xEternity (or until Judgement Day), trust me! Make them understand the value of money and that a penny saved is a penny earned literally!

Few other tips to save money

Do not waste electricity, water, or for that matter anything at all in your home!

Adopt smart home technologies that allow you to monitor your home’s devices.

I was talking earlier about not wasting anything. Yes, we are moving towards zero-waste technologies to the maximum! Whatever it is, put it to use. Even your wastewater – you can use it for gardening. Kitchen waste can be converted into organic compost and used in your garden/s.

Adopt green and alternative energy sources like solar/wind energy. Newer options like Hydrogen energy and nuclear technologies are fast coming our way. And with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, etc. ruling the roost, there is virtually no limit to what one can achieve. The sky is the limit!

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