Nipping Man-Made Monsters In Their Buds – The Best Thing (Ever)!

Nipping Man-Made Monsters In Their Buds – The Best Thing (Ever)!

Man-made monsters

The world is full of several examples like plastic, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. These were created or discovered by human beings for one thing in the first place. But they turned out to be mega-monsters, to say the least! Now, all of the above-mentioned things are not useless. But as the Holy Quran says about alcohol and gambling, the bad outweighs the good regarding these. Ditto for other such things in the ‘grey’ zone. Unfortunately, I am forced to add medicines of all sorts to the list mentioned above. Especially the allopathic ones due to their indiscriminate and rampant usage!

The fish would be the losers due to ‘monsters’!

Nearly 99 years ago in 1924, Dr. Stuart Close stated this very beautifully in his classical Homeopathic book, ‘The Genius of Homoeopathy – Lectures and Essays on Homoeopathic Philosophy’ – “As long as drugs retain their power to make well people sick, and as long as doctors continue to make such generalizations as these, so long must both be recognized and dealt with as causative factors in the production of human ills.

And so, as our allopathic neighbors and our homœopathic brethren with allopathic proclivities remain as yet in a large majority, there will continue to be plenty of work for the real followers of Hahnemann to do in dealing with the results of their medical obtuseness for some time to come.

True it is that if the use of crude drugs could be entirely done away with, the sum of human ills would be greatly reduced; or, as Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes wittily said: “If all the drugs in the world were dumped into the sea, it would be better for mankind and the worse for the fishes.” In either case, probably two-thirds of the existing ornaments of the medical profession would shine in other spheres with at least equal radiance.”

And in today’s world, the above example has turned into an extreme case. Anti-microbial resistance is on a rampant rise. Due to the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and other anti-microbial agents by both qualified doctors and quacks alike! Quacks are ubiquitous in every system of medicine. But they are the most prevalent in practicing the Allopathic field of medicine.

Quacks, Quacks everywhere!

Registered medical practitioners (RMPs) are doing yeoman service in the rural areas of India. However, there are stringent rules and restrictions as to their scope of practice. They are qualified to provide only first aid and cannot even call themselves doctors, i.e., they cannot put the coveted Dr. in front of their names. Unfortunately, leaving aside first aid, they are doing every other imaginable medical practice. Of course, not all of them fall into this category. But a majority of them have obtained such goodwill and minted huge amounts of money that even a qualified Allopathic or Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy (AYUSH) can only dream of!

About quacks in AYUSH, one huge category is an officially unrecognized system of medicine called Electro homeopathy. Unfortunately, this too falls under several ‘grey’ areas. Despite this status, there are few places in India where there are colleges and even degree-granting bodies in this field. Mind you, even the coveted MD is being granted in this system as well as alternative medicine. The MDs are written as MD (EH) and MD (AM) respectively.

The unsuspecting patients, as always, are unaware of such things and there are many Homeopathic shops where these so-called ‘doctors’ visit once a week, fortnight, or month and keep the cash registers ringing. In some places, they charge a small consultation fee. But in most places, they offer free consultation but charge only for the medicines! Check out this article for the different types of medical practice in Homeopathy.

Terminating the seeds of sin in our hearts

Knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to grow several bad habits, prejudices, and biases in our hearts from the day we are born or even from the mother’s wombs! We must steer ahead of all these and keep our minds unprejudiced and free from any sort of bias. I know it is very difficult. What with starting from our parents, neighbors, and in general all the members of our society always trying to impose these bad things in our minds and hearts.

Every sort of sin should be nipped in the bud. Corruption, non-adherence to rules and laws, and a careless attitude toward nearly everything in general have become ubiquitous. People are taking the lives of others over petty things. They are not sparing even themselves with suicides touching record highs throughout the world. What has happened to us? That we are being so reckless, heartless, and merciless that humanity might be wondering if she was ever born in this universe in the first place.

Luckily, there are still a few good women and men out there. Who are trying to preserve whatever humanity is left behind in their hearts and transmit it to others! Otherwise, the ALMIGHTY would have had second thoughts about letting this world survive. Whatever it is, we should instill good thoughts and habits in all our children from the very beginning. And give this planet a chance to survive at least a few more years!

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