Homeopath’s Expectations from a Patient

Usually the last resort!

Please bear in mind that Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) under which Homeopathy and other such alternative systems of Medicine fall is usually the last resort of several patients. They would have come here after running from post to post, fed up with the vagaries of Allopathy and other systems too (if they have been misused by their practitioners). So, be very patient with the patients. Have an unprejudiced mind when a patient meets you, i.e., the Homeopath. Allow the patient to tell in his/her own words all the problems he/she faces. Once he/she has finished, let the attendant (usually an immediate family member or relative or a friend who has come along with the patient) talk about the patient and his/her problems. Remember that a well-taken case is half the job well done. The case sheet is thus a very important document upon which the Homeopath can rely upon then and later too. So, please take accurate information, do a complete clinical examination after you have noted down all the symptoms. You can do this on paper or type it in a document on your computer (laptop/desktop/tablet).

Homeopath’s Work

Then the Homeopath is required to repertorize the case and prescribe a correct and indicated Homeopathic remedy based upon the knowledge of Materia-medica and Organon of Medicine. These days, telemedicine can also be used to prescribe medicines for patients but do remember that this can never be a substitute for an in-person consultation. But with today’s world becoming a global village, there is no other go other than telemedicine to consult patients from far and wide. What can be done is incorporate the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain technology, and advanced security to properly diagnose the condition of the patient and store the data of the patient securely.

Excellent and Prompt Follow-up –

Do remember to attend to the patient as and when required and follow-up the patient’s condition until s/he become better and are completely cured of their ailment/condition. This has become all the more easy. There are plenty of technology aids available like chat-bots, phones, etc. which can be used to communicate with the patient.