Company that can convert ideas into businesses – Really???

There might be crores (if not billions because yes, very soon we mortals will be tipping eight billion souls) who are thinking like me. I wish a company like that exists, if not on this earth, anywhere else in this universe (so much for Elon Musk’s Mars dreams)! I would love to start one or if anyone else in this universe is ready to collaborate, I would love to work with them. In converting ideas into businesses. But if I could start a company, I would have started quite a few by now, right?

Ideas into Businesses – Needed badly

Entrepreneurship ain’t a joke

You see, entrepreneurship is not easy. Since 2015, it’s been a roller-coaster ride in my own life. But I am enjoying every moment of it. As a Muslim, I have a problem with interest. For Muslims, giving and taking interest (Riba) is totally forbidden. And this is the crux of my problem. I am at a total loss as to how to proceed with businesses I have already established. Their growth has been only to an extent and not to the desired level due to the lack of finance.

Islamic Finance – Need of the hour

Islamic finance is a good option but this is not allowed at least in India. Yes, I can go in for equity in my businesses. But this requires trustworthy people who are very hard to find in today’s age. Besides, most of the relatives and friends (with or without benefits) just pay lip service and nothing else. Not that they haven’t helped. But it’s been only a minuscule minority from my relatives and only one friend out of the thousands (yes, I am including the utterly ‘useless’ so-called online social media friends)!

Ideas into Businesses – Making it a Reality

I sincerely wish there would be a company that could really convert people’s ideas (more importantly their dreams) into reality. And collect a nominal fee (say 5% which the typical management consultants collect) once the business is established and funds are obtained. If 5% of the total value of the business being established is too much or too less, then they could collect the appropriate fees.

Established Business Leaders, are you listening?

The company that would help convert ideas into businesses should be started by someone who has extensive connections with angel investors, good Samaritans who really want to help people grow their businesses, and anyone else interested in the start-up ecosystem. I am ready to collaborate with any such person or entity is ready to come forward in establishing such a company.

Who doesn’t have problems?

Life throws problems at everyone. Even the richest of the richest and the poorest of the poorest have problems. As I have mentioned before, it’s only the ALMIGHTY who doesn’t have any problems. The start-up ecosystem should cater to people who have real ‘starting’ troubles. And help trigger the enormous talent hidden throughout this world. Collaboration is always essential in everything in life. But this is especially so in the above-mentioned case of the ‘reluctant’ starters in business.

Let’s help each other in turning ideas into businesses

Please share your thoughts, and ideas and do mention them by tagging the names of such people who belong to the particular case of ‘hesitant starters’ in business. Let us help each other in growing further and making this universe a better place to live in.

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