It is not about just creating any business today. It has to be really unique, stand out from the crowd, and offer some extraordinary benefits that other businesses don't offer! Only then can it click and sustain in this cut-throat and ultra-competitive world of today!

Hottest business opportunities

-Alternative energy -Education - Healthcare -Services

People are becoming very health-conscious these days. And hence the demand for healthy juices (fruits & vegetables)/beverages/foods is unlimited and the market for them is growing exponentially. If one is able to offer good value for money along with good health benefits, then sky is the limit for them! Sorry for sounding cliche though but it is 100% true.

Doctors/diagnostics on demand is one of the hottest sectors. Few healthcare players are already providing mobile diagnostics but doctors on demand is an altogether different story. If the doctors/mobile diagnostics or any other health/paramedical services are clubbed together with a ride-sharing platform, then healthcare services will reach a new frontier!

The future certainly belongs to gig-workers. And these gig-workers should be able to do any job from as simple as overseeing a household task to complex tasks. Ultimately, it is just about utilizing one's free time, minimal resources, and enterprise! And people who can do any useful task are the only ones who will survive in the jungles of the future!

Autonomous transport is the next big thing today. And boy, it is coming with such alarming speed! I am not talking about just drones being used for transporting medicines/essentials/food items, etc. but transporting people from one spot to another in crowded cities or for that matter anywhere! I am aware companies are already involved in this but like in anything else, there is always plenty of room under the sun!

I highly doubt if schools and universities will survive the ravages of modern technologies. What with robots, AI (ChatGPT is the latest example!), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, etc. taking center-stage, it is highly doubtful if the traditional models of learning will even exist. But if at all they survive, they have to teach students what they really need to survive. However, character-building among the students is the need of the hour!