Today, unfortunately we have distractions bombarding us continuously. And these don't seem to leave us even in the place that Allah likes the most - His House, i.e. the place where we worship Him - the Mosque/Masjid. One should strive to at least keep these distractions away!

Honestly, cell/mobile phones are the biggest distractions PERIOD And the ring tones! Ya ALLAH! There are filmy tones, musical ones, and what not! Guys, this is the holy mosque. Keep your phones on silent/vibrate mode. Or better turn them off. At least during the congregatory prayers! Not every mosque can afford a cell phone jammer, right?

The Mosque/Masjid is for Salah and quiet contemplation only. It is for the dhikr (remembrance) of Allah Subahanahu Ta'ala. It is not for small talk, useless chit chatting and other such activities! The Mosque is the sacred house of Allah. One should never forget that!