Come to think of it – there is no better management than managing children, especially one’s own and others in some situations. But there is no such thing as ‘one rule applies to all’! Because every child is different, and one has never to forget this. However, it is all about bringing up the best kids. And character-building is the bedrock to achieve this. There is no other way better than this. And with all the influence of social media, TV, cinema, Over-the-top (OTT), etc., raising proper kids is one hell of a job, trust me!

I will never forget my late father’s style of managing me and my younger brother. I still miss my father [may Allah grant him the highest grade of Jannah (paradise) – Jannatul Firdaus – Aameen, Summa Aameen] solely and love him for the fact that he never scolded me at all. If at all, he did, he reprimanded me just a wee bit, that is all! Not that I do not love my mother – I have always loved her and still do. But my mother was the exact opposite of my father, i.e., she was extremely strict. And I think it was Allah’s way of balancing things! But the credit for me being religious goes to my mom and the credit for my worldly knowledge, especially that of English goes to my late dad. English is finding a special mention because my dad trusted me at a young age with novels. I read my first novel, ‘The Hotel’ by Arthur Hailey when I was in my third grade!

Mindful parenting

Give freedom to your kids but keep them under your watchful eyes and supervise them.

Keep a close watch especially on your kids' friends! 

Ensure appropriate child locks are in place in phones, TVs, etc.

Remember that your kids are constantly watching your words and actions! There is just no need to tell them anything at all most of the time.